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Secure online board portal for directors and company secretaries including automated board pack creation and distribution.
VirtualBoardroom automates the compilation and distribution of board papers and other key information to your directors in hard copy, electronic formats or via our dedicated iPad app.


Marketing and compliance review and approval software that centralises project management so you can plan, review, approve and store all of your documents and marketing material from a single online platform.
A powerful, easy to use, online tool that streamlines the management, approval, compliance and storage of your financial promotions. Improves collaboration and brand consistency and significantly reduces the risk of oversights and errors.

Publishing Tools

Whether you're producing factsheets, proposals, PowerPoint presentations or posting a Twitter message our publishing tools ensure everything is on-brand and compliant.
Whether you're producing factsheets, proposals or PowerPoint presentations, or posting a Twitter message, our publishing tools ensure everything is on brand and compliant. Processes and time-consuming manual tasks are automated, enabling you to get information to market faster and significantly cut costs.


Secure, branded online portal for all your marketing materials. It allows you to manage what can be accessed, how much can be ordered and from which suppliers.
A secure, branded online portal for all your marketing materials. It allows you to manage what can be accessed, how much can be ordered and from which suppliers – as well as controlling who approves the content and costs. It’s like having your own bespoke ‘Amazon’ for your marketing department – but with parental controls.

Marketing guide to compliance

In our free guide, we've provided answers to 9 questions that Marketing needs to know about financial promotions and compliance.

marketing_guide_to_compliance, financial promotions review and approval software for marketing and compliance teams
Centralising the approval of all financial promotions and client-facing content with DotApprove, you can make your processes more efficient

We help Marketers manage content production across multiple channels

The Challenge

Working in marketing in a regulated industry, the challenges you face are numerous. Managing content and output across multiple channels can be a headache. New channels are added to the mix all the time – you’re as likely to produce an Infographic on your new product as a brochure. Minimising admin is vital, particularly if, like most marketing teams, you suffer from a lack of resource. And wringing the most from your budget is an essential.

By streamlining and automating your marketing and approvals processes with DotApprove, you can free your team’s time from administration so they can concentrate on more productive tasks – the sorts of things you hired them for.

We help Compliance minimise the risk of breaching regulations

The compliance role grows ever-more challenging. Keeping up with the pace of regulatory change is a job in itself – meanwhile, the business is giving you an increasing volume of content and financial promotions to review and approve.

Keeping track of compliance expiry dates; ensuring all your documents and presentations have compliant content and the correct disclaimers – your expanding workload coupled with lack of resource can make you feel as if you’re drowning.

By centralising the approval of all financial promotions and client-facing content with DotApprove, you can make the process far more efficient – enabling you to reduce reviewing time, focus where you’re really needed and manage your growing mountain of work.

Automated financial promotions approval and archiving software.
Help your sales team win more business with our automated proposal and pitch book software.

We give sales and business development teams the tools to win more business

As a sales professional in a regulated business, do you feel that too much of your role is taken up with repetitive bid and proposal work – rather than the areas where you really excel? Trying to find the most up-to-date content to include in presentations and pitches, and ensuring your presentations and proposals are current and compliant, can be a nightmare.

By streamlining and automating your proposals, presentations and approvals processes with DotApprove, you can focus on getting out and winning more business.

We help boards run more efficiently

In a world increasingly focused on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk management, being a director or a member of a board is a complex role.

Legislation changes constantly and only gets more demanding. Improving board communication is a challenge, while creating and distributing board papers and documents is often an inefficient process.

Risk is a constant, and increasingly stringent regulations mean that keeping records and reports on board activity is vital – but not always easy.

Collaborate with key contributors to board packs, streamline your production process and make information available to directors on the move.

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" Virtualboardroom® has transformed our whole board pack distribution process for the better, delivering significant time and cost savings. It’s very easy to use and our directors have found using tablets much easier than anticipated. " 

Carla Willmer, assistant company secretary, Babcock International Group